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Our Services

The services we offer are Nursing, Therapy, Home Health Aide, Medical Social Worker, Individual Case Management, & Indirect Services. These services are listed below, along with their detailed descriptions: 


Our team of registered nurses provide you with quality care. They work closely with you, your physician, family, and caregiver in order to keep you safe and help prevent future injuries or illness. Our nurses will help arrange for any needed equipment and supplies. Nursing services include:

  • Conducting a complete assessment of your current medical condition
  • Developing an implementing an individualized care plan
  • Administering treatment & medications
  • Working with your pharmacy on any medication changes
  • Updating your physician about health changes and progress
  • Home safety assessment & monitoring
  • Fall risk assessment & Monitoring
  • Post hospital recovery at home
  • Directing other members of the home care team (such as licensed practitioners, home health aides, & personal care assistants)
  • Teaching basic tasks of care to family members
  • Diabetic Care & Glucose Monitoring
  • Cardiac Care & Blood Pressure Monitoring
  • Wound Care and Prevention (cleaning, observing, and dressing wounds)
  • Infusion Therapy
  • Tracheostomy Care
  • Respiratory Ventilator Care & Management
  • COPD/ Asthma Management & Monitoring
  • Pain Management
  • Medication Monitoring & Reminder
  • Cholesterol Teaching & Monitoring
  • Weight Management & Monitoring
  • PT/INR Monitoring & Teaching of Coumadin Therapy
  • G-tube Feeding Assistance & Care
  • Catheter Care & Insertion
  • Infection Control Care & Monitoring
  • Post Surgical Care
  • Post Stroke Care
  • Central Lines
  • PICC Lines
  • Oxygen Therapy
  • Nebulizer Therapy
  • Pulse Oximetry
  • HIV/ AIDS Teaching & Education 


Our therapy services include physical therapy, occupational therapy, & speech therapy.


Patients often need physical therapy (PT) when recovering from stroke, a fall, hip or knee surgery, or other conditions such as loss of function due to the normal aging process. Physical therapy includes a range of motion exercises & other exercises to help you regain muscle strength to improve your walking patterns, gait stability, and improve balance. Some benefits of physical therapy are:

  • Restore Function & Mobility
  • Promote Healing
  • Decrease Pain
  • Provide Training in Ergonomics & Body Mechanics
  • Promote Fitness & Health through Education
  • Enhancing your Independence


Patients often need occupational therapy (OT) to return to activities they enjoy and allows them to function well at home. Occupational therapy includes working on activities like cooking, dressing, laundry, & other things the patient enjoyed before illness.

Occupational therapists help you in how to use adaptive equipment, including walkers, canes, wheelchairs, orthoses, & devices to assist with dressing & eating.


Patients may need speech therapy due to trauma or stroke, causing problems with swallowing & difficulty in speech. Speech therapy may involve vocal & other exercises. This can help you improve your articulation, correct slurring, address problems with swallowing, & develop better movement of the lips, tongue, & jaw. 


Home health aides provide personal care to our patients under the supervision of a registered nurse or a licensed therapist. This includes:

  • Assist with Bathing & Mobility
  • Prepare, Serve Meals & Assist with Feeding
  • Passive Exercises
  • Catheter Care
  • Empty Drainage Bag
  • Light Housekeeping & Laundry
  • Assist with ADLS
  • Assist with Ambulation, Transfer, Bedpan & Commode
  • Assist with Self Administration of Medication & Medication Reminders


Medical social workers help patients and caregivers with social & emotional difficulties that may result from illness. The social workers will know about community resources & help to find the best possible options. They will evaluate your physical & mental needs as well as your support system.

Our social workers help patients & families with a variety of issues including:

  • Finding resources for necessary care
  • Coordinating meal delivery & other necessary services
  • Advising on housing, transportation, & long-term care options
  • Helping with outreach services, crisis prevention, & social rehabilitation
  • Planning supportive services for your return home


  • Providing assistance with various needs
  • Developing a customized plan for each individual patient on achieving their social goals, while working with their medical team. 


  • Doctor visits directly to the patient's home
  • Delivery of medications by Home pharmacy
  • Visiting lab for blood draw
  • Medical equipment for cane, walker, & wheelchair
  • Podiatric care (Podiatric vising doctor)
  • Transportation service lookup

Excellent Care Health Services Inc.

ADDRESS: 400 West Lake Street, Suite 306, Roselle, IL 60172

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