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Welcome to Excellent Care Health Services!

Excellent Care Health Services is a privately owned home health agency that is state licensed and Medicare certified. We focus on keeping our patients happy and healthy in their home environment. Being a privately owned agency, Excellent Care strives to provide that 'personal touch', making Excellent Care your best option in home care services. 

We understand that it may be a hassle for some patients to go to a hospital or clinic for something as simple as a checkup. Thankfully, this obstacle has an easy solution: home health care. We want to prove our patience and dedication by bringing the best medical care directly to your home.

"I look forward to the days when my nurse comes over. It gives me a sense of comfort. The nurses are responsive and well organized when I need to reach them."

-Patient from Excellent Care Health Services

Are you eligible for home health care?

An individual who is home bound, not bedridden, who requires medical assistance is eligible for home health.

An individual having a disability or illness that requires skilled care is eligible for home health

Not sure of your eligibility? Call us at (630) 893-9010, or ask your doctor. Your doctor will give you a written recommendation based on your status and condition.

Our mission is quite simple:

Our goals, are our very own patients. We aim to excel in hospitality and professionalism.

We proudly serve the city of Chicago, its neighboring suburbs, Cook County, and DuPage County.

Excellent Care Health Services Inc.

ADDRESS:  400 West Lake Street, Suite 306, Roselle, IL 60172

PHONE: (630) 893- 9010,   FAX: (630) 893- 9017,  EMAIL:

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